Walkers and Walk Teams are what make the Walk a success! We are so thankful to have you on board. We have a few resources you can utilize for your team below- including a Walker Recruiter Packet (with sample social media posts, a bulletin announcement, and other ideas). Also, check out the link to the Promotional Resources- which has some materials you can utilize to spread the word. Once you sign up on our website, you will be able to share a link that will go directly to your fundraising page! For more information about your fundraising page set-up please review the Walker/Recruiter Packet. 

This year we will continue with the necessary changes to the Walk for Good Food-In Your Neighborhood keeping with the safety precautions of COVID-19.  While we are asking walkers to walk in their own neighborhood on their own or with their household, it is our hope that your walk team will stay connected through a common purpose and virtual resources! We invite you to come up with creative ways to connect- on social media, zoom calls, and perhaps even some fun challenges. We invite you to be as creative as you can be. sign

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