Frequently Asked Questions

How will I collect donations? 

Each walker will be registered online this year. If you need assistance with registration, you can reach out to Leila at or 616-747-0992. Once you are registered you will have an online fundraising page that you can use to ask for donations. If fundraising online is not your thing, that is ok! We encourage you to connect via phone or email with people in your community, and they can send all donations directly to Access of West Michigan, 1700 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508. 


Do I have to walk in order to raise money? 

No. While walking is encouraged, if you would like to create a fundraising page and come up with a creative option to encourage people to support the Walk for Good Food and a thriving food system for all during this time, we welcome you to do so! 


What is the purpose of having a team if we are walking individually or with our household? 

We are grateful for our team captains and recruiters who work hard to build teams for the Walk for Good Food. Team captains help to recruit more people to participate and help to create a sense of comradery. While walking apart from each other, you can still share a team goal and create fun activities and milestones together. For example, in the past one team walked in honor of a member of their congregation who had been involved in the Walk for many years. Think creatively about what can bring your team together during this time. 


Where do I walk? 

You can join us at the Kick-Off on May 1 at Briggs Park and walk in person, or you may walk on your own or with your team at another time through May 11! 


When do I walk? 

Anytime between May 1 and May 11. On May 1 we’ll be posting fun kickoff activities as well as walking routes starting from Briggs Park. You have ten days to complete your walk after the kick off. You can do it all at once or make it into a ten-day walking challenge! It’s up to you. Share your ideas with us and we’ll share them with others.  

Having another question? Email Leila at or call 616-747-0992.