We’ve Got Food Issues

For the last four decades, emergency food providers have been the main response to hunger and food insecurity. But a charity food system focused on things like “security” and “relief” cannot address deep injustice in the food system, remedy health disparities, or grow community-driven solutions. We need a new approach.

What Is A Good Food System?

Access envisions a thriving community where all residents have access to healthy and affordable local food. Good Food Systems approaches this vision by investing finances and relational capital into our local food economy, growing health equity to reduce health disparities, and supporting community power. Our sights are set on transforming West Michigan’s food system to become increasingly reflective of Good Food values with the belief that this transformation will uproot systemic poverty and lead to lasting change.



Contact Information: gratia@accessofwestmichigan.org



Contact Information: mckenzie@accessofwestmichigan.org

Good Food Is:*

*as defined by Michigan Good Food Charter


No one along the supply chain was exploited for its creation.


It was produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.


It provides nourishment and enables people to thrive.


All people have access to it.

Our Good Food Values:

Growing Health

Involves a Culture of Health framework and a real food approach

Engaging Community

Ensures community sustains their own vision of a thriving place

Plant-Based Strategy

Help neighborhood institutions use community assets and offer support

Investing in Local Food Economy

Prevents poverty through job creation/workforce development in agriculture

Collaborative Capacity Building

Incorporates a framework of collective impact through partnerships

System Changes

Build a better system where healthy food is convenient and affordable