Elementor #3191

In 2020 The Access of West Michigan Congregation Connections program set up the Congregation COVID-19 Response Initiative to supplement congregation giving to individuals seeking financial help.

One piece of this initiative was the creation of the Gap Fund. 


What exactly is the Gap Fund? 

It is a fund intended for Access to use for extenuating cases in partnership with congregations or community agencies. If a case has an amount that is not covered by other congregations or agencies, the Gap Fund is available at Access’ discretion to help fill in the gap. The amount available to meet needs can range from $150 up to $500. 

Our goal is to keep this fund at $15,000. 
We ask that you consider giving a gift today. This fund is fueled by donations. Your support will directly impact individuals and families who need assistance, and allow our staff to continue to seek collaborative solutions and care for those who are vulnerable, while at the same time continuing forward on our work to address root issues of poverty and inequity. Donate by clicking the blue button above. 
For more information on these funds:
Contact Nikeyia Perkins, Congregation Connections Director: niki@accessofwestmichigan.org. 

A note to congregation donors who already partner in our casework program: This fund is meant to subsidize or fill in the gap for assistance a congregation is offering. We will not be able to set aside or earmark your donation specifically for your referrals at this time. We will continue to invoice your commitments at the end of each month.