Thank you, Wolthuis Group!

Get to know the Wolthuis Group!  We are so thankful for their Harvest Level Sponsorship and generous support. 

Mission Statement: We Help Businesses Answer the Question, “Are We Doing IT Right?”

We’re technology experts with an entrepreneur’s problem-solving spirit. That’s why so many business leaders choose Wolthuis Group to make their IT easy, efficient and nearly invisible.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to continue to help businesses thrive even in these uncertain times by ensuring they receive the support they need whether on-site or remotely. We’ve helped them continue to keep operations running smoothly.

Why did you decide to support this year’s Walk for Good Food? 

It’s simply the right thing to do. Everyone should have access to healthy, nourishing food. Access of West Michigan’s mission to create sustainable, equitable systems to support this belief and make it a reality is one that is deserving of support and we are happy to do it.

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