Walk for Good Food 2021: North End Wellness Coalition

This post is part of a series of interviews of recipient agencies for the Access of West Michigan 2021 Walk for Good Food. This year, we have 13 in total, each with their own role in creating a thriving Good Food system in West Michigan. Read below to see why Good Food is important to their work, and check out our website at accessofwestmichigan.org/walk to learn more or to walk with us!

AWM: how would you describe your organization — what is your mission and what work do you do towards that mission?  

NEWC: The North End Wellness Coalition (NEWC) enjoys membership of approximately 30 non-profits churches, businesses and individuals who collaborate to promote the wellness of the Creston and Belknap Neighborhoods. The coalition seeks to foster a culture of individuals and families who learn and live fully— physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. 

The coalition collaborates with churches, businesses, non-profits, and neighbors to  promote the wellness of the Creston and Belknap Neighborhoods. We work from a  holistic understanding of health. We recognize that health (1) is influenced by  contextual and cultural factors, (2) includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual  health, (3) and requires both prevention and intervention 

AWM: why is Good Food important to your organization? 

NEWC: Good Food is important to NEWC because good nutrition impacts not only physical well-being but also mental health. Additionally the availability of good food for all is a major facet of equity.  

AWM: how does the Good Food Systems goal (of fair, healthy, green, and affordable food) impact the way that your organization sees its mission or does its work? 

NEWC: We know that food is intertwined with multiple issues. Therefore good food is a part of our systems work. At NEWC we address the issues of active living, healthy eating, mental health and community connections. We continually seek to understand how they intersect with one another. . 

AWM: what would you like to see come out of this year’s Walk for Good Food? 

NEWC: We hope the 14 organizations that will be supported by Access will have the opportunity to consider how they might be able to work together to promote food equity. 

you can find more information about the North End Wellness Coalition on their webpage at northendwellness.org

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