Members of the Kent County Food Policy Council seated at some tables, all intent on taking notes.

Walk for Good Food 2021: Kent County Food Policy Council

This post is part of a series of interviews of recipient agencies for the Access of West Michigan 2021 Walk for Good Food. This year, we have 13 in total, each with their own role in creating a thriving Good Food system in West Michigan. Read below to see why Good Food is important to their work, and check out our website at to learn more or to walk with us!

AWM: how would you describe your organization — what is your mission and what work do you do towards that mission?  

KCFPC: The Kent County Food Policy Council brings together citizens, organizations, agencies, and businesses to strengthen and grow a good food system in Kent County. 


AWM: why is Good Food important to your organization? 

KCFPC: We envision a thriving economy, equity and sustainability for Kent County residents through a food system rooted in local communities and centered on good food – food that is accessible, fair, healthy, diverse and sustainable. 


AWM: how does the Good Food Systems goal (of fair, healthy, green, and affordable food) impact the way that your organization sees its mission or does its work? 

KCFPC: The Kent County Food Policy Council will inform local policy and decision makers on the current and future issues that will impact local food production, consumption, and access. 


AWM: what would you like to see come out of this year’s Walk for Good Food? 

KCFPC: A greater community understanding of the necessity of good food! 

you can find more information about the Kent County Food Policy Council on their webpage at

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