Exploring Green Food Work

While it is difficult to completely separate the different tenets of the Good Food System idea from one another, there are some goals that are specific to each tenet. When we talk about “Green” food, the goals we have in mind often are centered around making a food system that works with, rather than against, an area’s indigenous ecosystem. As we mentioned before, a food system that looks like this would not be a new invention – people across the world and across time have done this, and this is still practiced by many Indigenous American communities today. 

Throughout Michigan’s history and especially within the last decade, Michigan has been the home of many who are working for more widespread green food systems. Organizations like Slow Food West Michigan and the West Michigan Growers Group bring together many people and organizations who are working in these efforts. Just this last month, the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum released an article highlighting 5 Grand Rapids local examples of Black excellence in the realm of food justice and environmental sustainability (this article, plus all other resources referenced, will be available via link in the comments)!

What we have highlighted is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Green Food. To learn more about the links between food and environment or to see more of what’s going on locally, check out the resources in the comments!We will be looking deep into the other tenets of a Good Food system in the weeks to come and encourageyou to join in this local effort towards Good Food Systems yourself by participating in our upcoming Walk for Good Food in May!

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