Stop AAPI Hate Statement

Stop AAPI Hate Statement

We condemn the hate and intolerance towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community that continues to take place in our community and across the United States. We lament the tragic events that took place in Atlanta last week, a mass shooting that killed six Asian women. Since March 2020 the organization Stop AAPI Hate has recorded 3,795 hate incident reports across the United States. Anti-Asian racism has a long history in the United States. And while this is not new, it is reported that hate crimes against Asian Americans in U.S. cities grew by just about 150% in 2020 (PBS). This is horrific, destructive, and has to stop. Below is Access’ continued commitment to work towards antiracism. We have also included some resources for you to learn and take action with us. 

Our Commitment to Antiracism

Access is committed to the work of anti-racism. We cannot address systems change or root causes of poverty without addressing racism. We condemn white supremacy and the violence that has been a result. By holding ourselves and our partners accountable through education, awareness, and action we will work to embed anti-racism into Access and our community for the long-term. We anticipate we will not always get it right and we recognize that we have made mistakes that have hurt people of color in our community. We acknowledge our complicity in upholding and perpetuating racism through our silence as well as through past actions that have caused harm. Access commits to doing better; we are working hard to create an environment where we are ready to respond, act, and move forward together. 


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