Walk for Good Food 2020 Sponsor: The Local Church

The Local Church is a Grower Sponsor for the Walk for Good Food 2020 ($2,500) and a valued partner of Access of West Michigan. Pictured above is the 2019 Local Church Walk team (this year social distancing measures are put in place as we walk in our neighborhoods with our households). Thanks so much for your continued support, Local Church! We asked them to share with us about their mission, how COVID-19 has impacted them, and why they choose to support Access and the Walk for Good Food. We are so thankful for all they do for our community! 

AWM: Please describe your company/organization’s mission and role in our community.

TLC: We seek to be transformed by the Scriptures, love and serve the people in Grand Rapids. Our hope is modeled after Jesus’ prayer, that God’s will would be done in Grand Rapids as it is in Heaven. We are a church for the city.

AWM: Is there anything you want to highlight for the community about the work you do, services you offer, or anything else?

TLC: We want the church of Grand Rapids to love and serve our city and communities so much that she would weep if the church left. As a local church, we recognize the role that we play in that and are trying to do our part. This includes partnerships with organizations like Access, ICCF, and a school partnership with a school we love, Ken-O-Sha elementary. 

AWM: How has COVID-19 impacted your organization?

 TLC: Due to Covid-19 many of the ways that we partner in our community has been thrown off. We are glad to be able to sponsor the walk though! While we have been unable to meet in person, we have been able to gather online.  

AWM: Please share with us why decided to support the Walk for Good Food – In Your Neighborhood this year.  
 TLC: We believe in good food systems and promoting justice in our communities for everyone and the Walk is a great way to help do that. 

AWM: Do you partner with Access of West Michigan or one of our 7 funding recipient organizations in other ways that we can highlight/share? 

Our Lead Pastor, Toran Scott serves as a member of the Access of West Michigan Board of Directors. 

To learn more about The Local Church visit their website. 

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