Celebrating Malamiah Juice Bar

Honoring Black History Series: This month as a part of our commitment to honor black history, Access team members will be sharing about businesses, books, literature, stories, podcasts, films, songs, or pieces of art created by black authors, leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists that have impacted us.

Christina Swiney, Co-Executive Director at Access shares with us about one of her favorite black-owned businesses in Grand Rapids. Malamiah Juice Bar, owned by Jermale and Anissa Eddie, is a locally owned juice bar in Grand Rapids. Malamiah recently moved to the new Studio C building downtown and expanded their menu to include healthy breakfast and lunch items along with the high quality juice they have been known for. (I recommend any of the juices with ginger. Because YUM.)  Malamiah’s mission is to elevate community wellness through healthy products, local partnerships, and youth employment. The mission doesn’t stop with the restaurant; the Eddie’s have bravely led the community in addressing core racial and justice issues across multiple sectors. I have been blessed to listen to their wisdom.  

I first heard of Malamiah at a local Christian Community Development Association conference, a number of years ago, when they were just opening up and were giving out samples to get the word out about their business. Their vision helped me to envision ways that the for-profit sector can have a positive, sustainable impact on the issues that many of us in the non-profit sector care about: youth development, for example. I recommend Malamiah because its food promotes the vitality of our bodies, and because the people behind it are 100% committed to the vitality of this whole community. 

Location: Studio Park: 122 Oakes St SW, Ste. 122, Grand Rapids, Mi 49503
Website: https://www.malamiahjuicebar.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malamiahjuicebar/

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