Pass the Mic Podcast

Honoring Black History Series: This month as a part of our commitment to honor black history, Access team members will be sharing about businesses, books, literature, stories, podcasts, films, songs, or pieces of art created by black authors, leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists that have impacted us.

By Emma Garcia, Co-Executive Director of Access of West Michigan

Pass the Mic, A Witness Podcast

1.Pass the Mic offers a fantastic perspective at the intersection of Black Americans and evangelical Christianity. The speakers merge and discuss understanding of what it means to be Christian and black through a historical and current day framework that is incredibly insightful and honest.

2. My really cool theologian bro shared it with me 🙂

3. Because the speakers share from their varied experiences, as well as provide commentary on relevant social topics, I have gleaned a ton about a perspective unfamiliar with me as I’ve sat under their expertise and teaching. As a Christian, having a broader perspective than the white Evangelical framework and shifting toward a better-informed understanding of non-white Christianity is imperative and has impacted my thinking and understanding of the topics they discuss

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