Creating awareness of the systemic challenges of poverty, while motivating people to become involved and overcome misconceptions. 


Connecting the faith-based community to issues of justice and stewardship within their benevolence outreach.



 Equipping community partners, investing in our local food economy, and growing health to create a just food system for all.

2021 Annual Report

When we turned the pages of our calendars to January 2021, people across the globe let out a collective sigh of relief. No one wanted to hold onto the pain of the year 2020, and all hoped that 2021 would bring relief to the suffering, isolation, and confusion of the prior year.  Though our hopes were not fully met simply by turning that calendar page, 2021 brought a greater sense of resolve, fortitude, and overall resilience… Instead of pulling back, we pushed into our values and our commitments to anti-racism, collaboration, and shared leadership. As you read our Annual Report for 2021 you will see resilience as a mode of operation across our programs; our achievements and outcomes are testament to our internal willingness, and to your important support, to recover and to hold onto the strength needed to move forward with creativity and impact.

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