Creating awareness of the systemic challenges of poverty, while motivating people to become involved and overcome misconceptions. 


Connecting the faith-based community to issues of justice and stewardship within their benevolence outreach.



 Equipping community partners, investing in our local food economy, and growing health to create a just food system for all.

2020 Annual Report

Our 2020 Annual Report showcases the ways that Access both pivoted to entrench ourselves in the important work of acting as frontline coordinators and responders during COVID-19, as well as the ways that we continued and grew our work to address systemic issues of poverty, an all the more imperative task in the wake of the pandemic.

We are proud to share that our work in both areas of antiracism and broad-based community organizing became more vibrant in 2020. The values of both initiatives have long been held at Access, but in 2020 we dug deeper to plant seeds in these areas to ensure they are practiced throughout our work, both internally and externally in the community. We are listening, we are acting, and we are thankful to be on the journey of living into these values no matter the season.

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