The walk is made possible by the community of people who come out and walk with us!

Over the last 43 years, the Walk has raised over $6 million for dozens of local and international non-profit organizations. Our goal this year is to have over 750 walkers and raise $85,000.What if everyone in our community could have equal access to food that nourishes, creates good jobs, is affordable, and treats the earth well as it is produced? What if non-profit organizations, businesses, congregations, farms, and individuals could come together to achieve this vision? 

We believe it’s possible.That’s why we walk. Share the vision, walk with us! 

To get your team started, click the “Walk Registration” button below, read and check the waiver box, click next, then select “create a team.” From there, you will fill out all the needed information to get your team started! More detailed instructions are included in the Walker Team Recruiter Packet you can access below. The packet will help get you started with your team, with social media tips, bulletin announcements, timelines, and more. The Walk Team Promotional Resources are available for you to use to promote the Walk. If you need printed materials, posters, or envelopes- please do not hesitate to reach out to Alaina. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at all!  You can reach Alaina at alaina@accessofwestmichigan.org or 616-747-0988.