Walk Team Resources

Walkers and Walk Teams are what make the Walk a success! We are so thankful to have you on board. We have a few resources you can utilize for your team below- including a Walker Recruiter Packet (with sample social media posts, a bulletin announcement, and other ideas). Also check out the link to the Promotional Resources- which has some materials you can utilize to spread the word. Once you register on our website, you will also have access to pre-made email templates to send out to your network to ask them to sponsor and support your walk!

This year is certainly unique as we have made necessary changes to the Walk for Good Food in light of COVID-19. While we are asking walkers to walk in their own neighborhood on their own or with their household, it is our hope that your walk team will stay connected through a common purpose and virtual resources! We invite you to come up with creative ways to connect- on social media, zoom calls, and perhaps even some fun challenges. We invite you to be as creative as you can be.