Freshlist Awards Celebration 2020

Over its 40 year history, Access has been passionate about finding solutions to poverty. Over the years our strategies have adjusted, but our collaborative effort has remained. We are more impactful when we gather people together, stakeholders from broad backgrounds, to address key issues of food access and poverty. 

The values that Access upholds include community development, food justice, economic development, equity and anti-racism. Our work includes collaborative food systems programming, educational workshops on poverty related issues and work with congregations in developing best practices in engaging issues of poverty in their neighborhoods. Throughout our programs, Access’ vision is to cultivate a community rooted in equitable systems. 

In light of this vision, we want to celebrate the people who have strengthened the community over the years, addressing core issues of equity and poverty with a fresh perspective that lines up with Access vision and values. This month, Access went on the road to deliver Freshlist Awards. Join us by watching the video below and check out the award recipients! Thank you to our volunteers, Tom Hillen with News 8 and the Freshlist team for making this happen!

Celebrating the Freshlist Nominees

Systems Impact Award
Carrie Newberg, Arbor Circle

Community Strong Award
Sonja Forte, Baxter Community Center

Collaboration Award
Anissa Eddie, KConnect

Wholistic Practice Award
Susie Dixon, Madison Square Church

Thank you to our Freshlist Sponsors!

Thank you to our Freshlist Award Sponsors, XS Cab and Renewal Skin Spa. Your support enabled us to celebrate the passion driven, hard working Awardees and highlight the values we hold on to at Access.