The Access Poverty Education Initiative provides educational opportunities on poverty related issues, including our Poverty Education Workshops, which help educate over 2,000 individuals a year on the intricate realities of life in poverty, as well as, what steps they can take to help reduce poverty in their own community. Access works to employ individuals who have first-hand poverty experience to run the workshops. We have used our Poverty Education Workshop curriculum to engage audiences for over 20 years and have facilitated the workshops throughout Michigan and internationally. By serving as a connector, we address issues of poverty by maximizing community resources, and supporting innovative and proactive solutions to poverty.


The mission of the Poverty Education Initiative is to provide insight and motivate people to become more involved in activities that decrease soci-economic disparities.


Through facilitating an experiential workshop, Access helps our community know what it feels like to experience poverty, and empowers participants with the knowledge needed to create and support solutions.

The poverty simulation experience is designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from week to week. 

The Good Food Challenge is the youth version of our popular Poverty Simulation Workshop and is designed to introduce youth ages 12 – 18 to the issues of food insecurity and poverty. 


There are currently no upcoming simulations available. To schedule a simulation email Brenda Nichols at brenda@accessofwestmichigan.org