Working at the intersection of food security, nutrition, and food justice, Access connects our community to the important work of promoting a Good Food system and healthy food for all. The collaborative solutions and programs that Access facilities equip food assistance organizations, invest in our local food economy, grow health, facilitate community action, and convene food and faith conversations.

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Equipping Food Assistance Organizations Investing in our Local Food Economy Growing Health Facilitating Community Action Convening Food and Faith Conversations

Equipping Food Assistance Organizations

  • Coordination of the Access Food Pantry Network
  • Administration of the Access Hunger Walk, the Holiday Giving Network, and other county-wide collaborative events that grow community food security
  • Hosting the Pantry Database and supporting outcome measurements including projects which evaluate local food security data.
  • Supporting Kent County specific Good Food System messaging by which charitable food organizations can transition away from old models of emergency food and into the vision of a Good Food System

Investing in our Local Food Economy

  • Housing the Fresh Food Fund
  • Coordination of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, supporting education of food skills and food knowledge
  • Facilitating the creation and implementation of fresh food market stands in partner pantry sites
  • Partnering with and investing in the West Michigan Growers Group

Growing Health

  • Facilitation of Nutritional Options for Wellness Program, connecting healthy lifestyle education and nutritious food to patients who are low-income and have a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease or Chronic Renal Disease
  • Providing Healthy Food Policy Training and nutrition curriculum for food assistance organizations
  • Implementation of Culture of Health at pantry resources sites

Facilitating Community Action

  • Implementation of the Food Systems 101 curriculum for local organizations
  • Food Justice Training and Community Organizing Training
  • Promoting the alignment of Kent County's charitable food system with the Michigan Good Food Charter
  • Assisting in the formation of the Kent County Food Policy Council and active membership with the Food and Nutrition Coalition

Convening Food and Faith Conversations

  • Co-hosting a Food and Faith speaker series with Plainsong Farm and The Dominican Center
  • Food Based Community Development training with congregations


Access connects our community to promote a Good Food System and healthy food for all by working at the intersection of food security, nutrition, and food justice. Access does this through the following initiatives.