Congregation Connections

The Access Congregation Connections program exists to link congregations not only with the programs of Access, but with other justice work in the community. This community-wide network works together to minimize duplication and maximize resources for those in need. We strive to be a go-to organization that congregations can rely on for up-to-date information about issues surrounding poverty and hunger, and current information about available community resources.

The Access caseworkers provide services for over 300 Kent County congregations to help determine how best to work with individuals in need. Access works to eliminate duplication of services and helps congregations to be good stewards of limited resources. The goal of the Access caseworker is to enable you, as a member of a congregation, to become responsibly involved with those in need in your community.


Congregations may send client information to an Access caseworker for advice, support, and follow up to determine if another congregation is already working with the person, information about past contacts with other congregations, suggestions about which community resources might be most helpful, to verify information with landlords, utility companies, caseworkers, etc., and to register your involvement with a client so Access of West Michigan can coordinate assistance throughout the community.

*Please do not refer clients directly to Access as this is to be resource for congregations only. Clients can be referred directly to 211 to obtain information on emergency needs programs in their area.